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At The Table with Taylor Reed

Happy October!! You guys... This month I am so thrilled to share with you another young, passionate business owner, who gets to raw and real with us! Taylor Reed with Taylor Katina's Photography opens up about why she started her business and some of the struggles that she faced to get where she is today! 

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At The Table with Amanda Polacek

Hello Friends! For this month's feature, I want to introduce you to my friend, Amanda. I met her at our monthly Rising Tide Society meetings in Kearney, Nebraska, and her positive attitude and outlook on life is something I really admire! She is also a great teacher (in her marketing workshops) and a soon-to-be mother of Three!

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At The Table with Stacey Johnson

This month, I am so excited to share with you one of my favorite business (& real-life) friends, Stacey Johnson! I met Stacey when I first moved to Kearney and I stumbled into her store after feeling pretty down and lonely in our new home town. Stacey welcomed me with open arms and invited me to her bible study! She has such a drive and determination to make every person (business owner & otherwise) feel welcomed and loved - & I absolutely love that about her! Take a look about what Stacey has to say about business & life!

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