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Hello Friends! For this month's feature, I want to introduce you to my friend, Amanda. I met her at our monthly Rising Tide Society meetings in Kearney, Nebraska, and her positive attitude and outlook on life is something I really admire! She is also a great teacher (in her marketing workshops) and a soon-to-be mother of Three!

I can't wait for you guys to hear what she has to share with you!

Q: What is your Business?

Ma’am Marketing

Q: Why did you start it?
I started my consulting business in order to help small business owners with their marketing. My previous job was as the marketing director for the local chamber of commerce where we were living at the time; there I really fell in love with helping ‘the little guys’ implement strategies that would make their businesses more successful--and make them feel more confident as business owner.

Before that I had been a project manager at a large ad agency. I liked the idea of applying the strategies from the ad agency to smaller projects. Most small businesses can’t afford/don’t need a full-on ad agency or in-house marketing director, but they do need a help navigating the vast waters of digital marketing. I’m here to fill that need, and empower them to do what they can themselves, and find help for things they’re not able to do or wanting to do.

I also desired to be self-employed in order to be more available for our then one-year-old at the time. Juggling the ‘mom life’ and entrepreneur life is complex for sure, but I really love it!

Q: What are you most proud of as a business owner?
I’m proud of the relationships I have with my clients, and the work I do for them. Whether it’s creating a one-time marketing plan, or helping create a monthly social media calendar, my job is to help my clients achieve their marketing goals. I often compare what I do to the role a wedding planner has in a bride’s big day. They don’t “do” anything--make the cake, take the photos, sew the dress, etc. What they are hired to do is to help understand a bride’s vision and priorities, put a plan into place to make it all happen, and be ready to adapt if things start to look off-course.

“Ma’am” is a term of respect--I want all my clients to feel respected for all that they’ve done so far. Small business owners aren’t incapable of marketing online most times, they’ve just got 7000 other things to do, so my job is to help them get it all done and be by their side.

Q: What is your biggest struggle that you’ve overcome? And how did you handle it?
I think my biggest challenge is yet to come! We’re expecting twins this December so I’m currently doing my best to prepare myself, my clients, and my business for all of the craziness that’s to come. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of overcoming struggles to report in 2019!

Q: Who is your biggest (business) role model? Why?
I have so many! I’ve only been at this year or so, so I’m constantly inspired by others around me--both locally and via the magical world of Instagram--so I’m not sure I could pick one.

I’d also have to give credit to my parents. My dad will be retiring at the end of this year as a part-owner of the architecture firm where he’s worked ever since graduating from college, which is truly amazing to me. My mom also started her own professional organizing business after retiring from teaching, which is also inspiring. These days I try to teach her a few things about social media in return for her first-class grandparenting skills.

Q: What advice would you give yourself when you first started?
Trust your gut. You don’t have to be like everyone else--or anyone else. Run your business the way you think it should be run, and do work you’re proud of. It’s okay to take jobs to pay the bills when you first get started, but keep striving toward the passion projects and services you really want to offer, even if they’re harder to wrap your head around.

Q: Where does your inspiration come from?
My inspiration and motivation truly comes from my clients. Small business owners are easy to be inspired by every single day because they love what they do and have worked insanely hard to get where they are. So when someone decides to sit across a table (or computer screen) from me and tell me their challenges and desires for their business, I take that very seriously because it’s not an easy thing to do. It’s very personal!

Running a small business is a team sport, even if you’re doing it solo. So I’m honored when someone decides to put me on their team.  

Q: Anything else you may want to say to someone else wanting to start but too afraid.
Don’t give up! If you’ve got passion, Google, and a few good friends to bounce ideas off of, you can do anything!

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