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 Dreaming of the warm summer air and all that comes with it! Speaking of! I couldn't help but interview these sweet girls! Kami & Mikaela started the sweetest mobile ice cream shop and I am so thrilled to be sharing it with you all! 

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What is your Business?

"We are Kamaela’s Kreamery, a mobile ice cream shop! We serve hand dipped, super premium ice cream."

Tuesdays At The Table, Kamaelas Kreamery, Community Over Competition, Mobile Ice Cream Shop,

Why did you start it?
"Growing up Mikaela & I always wanted to own an ice cream shop together. We spent most of our childhoods playing Oregon Trail (boy, did we have some good imaginations!), riding our bikes to the ice cream store, or going camping with our families. Two years ago, we both didn’t really have a plan for our lives. We felt like God really laid it on our hearts to pursue our dream and start a mobile ice cream shop. Starting out we wanted just one thing: to bring happiness to our community. I mean, I don’t know how someone couldn’t smile when they see 'Little Dipper'."

What are you most proud of as a business owner?

"In the beginning a lot of people doubted us, they weren’t the only ones! Somedays, even Mikaela and I doubted we could do it. A lot of people had doubts since we were only 18, we felt like God was really helping everything fall into place and wanted our dream to come to be as much as we did. Going into our second year, we’re proud that we stuck to what we believed and what we dreamed of doing. There really isn’t much better than living out your dream! "

What is your biggest struggle that you’ve overcome? And how did you handle it?
"I think that our age is one of the best advantages, but it can also be a huge struggle! Since we’re so young, we’ve had to learn to stand up for ourselves, and not be taken advantage of. Every business owner has gone through many struggles of course, so it has been awesome to see other small business owners rally around and cheer us, and all the other small businesses on! We are so thankful for the wonderful advice that many of our mobile business friends gave to us!"

Who is your biggest (business) role model? Why?
"I think we would both have to say: Shay from The Runaway Rack. We met Shay on the road with her mobile boutique! She is the sweetest most genuine person! She is so passionate about the relationships she creates and just genuinely cares about all of her customers. Shay offers so much, sisterly advice, and not just about business, but in every aspect in life! We are so thankful to have met her, and can’t wait for 'Rosie' (her little truck) and 'Little Dipper' to pull up next to each other this summer!"

What advice would you give yourself when you first started?
"I think for me (Kami), I would say to not worry so much and just enjoy the process! Mikaela says she wishes she would have embraced the bumps, and all the stages, in the start up more, that way she could appreciate what we have now even more!"

Where does your inspiration come from?

"Both of our primary inspiration comes from the Lord. He gave us this dream and we hope that all the glory goes to Him. There are so many little parts of our business that we know were answered prayers!  Another thing that inspires both of us is the community of small businesses around us. Here in central IL and all around there are so many entrepreneurs that inspire us daily!"

Anything else you may want to say to someone else wanting to start but too afraid

"Just go for it & don’t be afraid to ask for help. These past two years we had no idea, what we were doing or even if this could possibly work. We’ve learned if you work hard and put your heart in it, and have some really awesome people around you, it will work out. But if not, get back up and try something else!"

Kamaelas Kreamery, Community Over Competition, Mobile Ice Cream, Tuesdays At The Table,

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